Wednesday, July 8, 2015


For my second review I decided to go with something very different to Red River.  This time it's Blame! (Pronounced Blam). Blame! is a 10 Volume post-apocalyptic manga by Nihei Tsutomu. The story follows a man named Killy and his search for Net Terminal Genes.  How much do I love this series? 

About that much. 

There are no specific reasons that I love this series so much, unlike Red River. There is just something in the overall feel that caught me from the very beginning and didn't let me go for hours as I read it all in one go. It's a stark, desolate, and often lonely journey that the story takes you on through a never ending city that just keeps growing as it builds itself higher and higher with no reason. People encountered are few and far between and Killy's journey doesn't have an end. The feel of the series reminds me of the same feeling you get looking at stark and never ending views of nature. That same slight feeling of awe coupled with the feeling of being tiny in a vast world.

... Is an amazing artist and the city scapes of Blame! Are some of my favourite pieces of manga art.

There are parts of the story that many people will probably not like. It can be confusing at times, especially since a lot of places and things look the same and characters may have the same body but be different entities. An enemy can become an ally and then revert back multiple times as the situation changes and there is very little dialogue.  At times the story progresses slowly but it will rapidly speed up catching you unaware and rarely is anything explained. It takes the whole series to finally understand what happened to the world, what Killy's aim is, and what the future will be. 

This story is very niche but I hope that I've managed to interest at least some of you in it. If you give it a shot tell me your impressions and if you like it the I highly suggest trying Biomega be the same author. It's a lot faster paced but just a wonderful and confusing and beautiful. As always, have fun reading. :)

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